Disease Management


Dr. Wilma du Plooy


Prof. Cheryl Lennox, Dr. Wilma Augustyn


Research and services on all postharvest diseases, and packaging aspects.  Most specific focus is on green and blue mould, sour rot, anthracnose and stem-end-rots, as summarised below:

Market Access

  • Adherence to permitted MRL levels, which includes science-based debate towards curbing market pressure to apply unsustainable MRL levels.
  • Palletising issues and mycoflora in export containers

Etiology & Diagnosis

  • Investigation of environmental contribution to development of postharvest pathogen complexes
  • Investigation into the phytochemistry of blackspot-susceptible cultivars
  • Characterise variability in pathogen populations
  • Resistance monitoring and improvement of resistance management


  • Study epidemiological aspects that would facilitate improvement of management strategies
  • Study into the effect of shade netting on the epidemiology of postharvest pathogens

Disease Management

  • Formulation and evaluation of management strategies during pre-harvest and postharvest stages
  • Structuring of pre-harvest spray programmes to reduce inoculum loads on harvested fruit
  • Implementation of strategies to limit fungicide resistance build-up
  • Evaluation of novel and GRAS chemical compounds,

    and biocontrol agents for postharvest disease control

  • Integration of cold chain management strategies with regard to fruit quality, rind condition, pre- and postharvest decay management

Inoculum Management

  • Formulation and evaluation of pre- and postharvest sanitation strategies that would reduce contamination of harvested fruit