More about Citrus Research International

Who are we?

Citrus Research International is a research and technical services organisation based in South Africa that focusses primarily on citrus. CRI coordinates and funds research conducted by the CRI Group which includes close collaboration between CRI and a wide range of partners. There is a strong focus on the southern African citrus industry’s needs as they relate to the industry’s heavy reliance on export of fresh fruit to global markets.

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Our mission and vision statement

To maximise the long-term global competitiveness of the southern African citrus growers through the development, support, coordination and provision of research and technical services by combining the strengths of all CRI Group partners.

To be the organisation that fully meets the technical and research requirements of the southern African citrus grower fraternity, thereby ensuring the global competitiveness of the industry.


Our objectives are to:

  • promote research and technical development required to maximise the global competitiveness of the southern African citrus industry;
  • coordinate the funding and provision of cost-effective research and technical services aimed at addressing the needs of the southern African citrus industry;
  • act as spokesperson on citrus industry research and technical matters;
  • liaise with other organisations, including grower organisations, industry organisations, organised agriculture, statutory bodies or institutions, marketing agents, government organisations, research organisations, training organisations, Universities or any other organisation in order to promote the research and technical interests of the southern African citrus industry;
  • promote cooperative interaction between the various research and technology service providers;
  • promote the dissemination of research results and new technologies to the southern African citrus industry, scientific community and other relevant bodies;
  • pursue the most effective structuring and organisation of required technical services;
  • secure adequate funding to support the provision of the required research and technology development;
  • allocate available funds to research and technology development;
  • manage performance of service providers being funded for technical projects.

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