Integrated Pest Management


Dr. Aruna Manrakhan


Dr. Tim Grout

, Dr. Martin Gilbert, Dr. Tammy Marsberg, Mr. Wayne Kirkman (CRI), Prof. Chris Weldon, Prof. Julie Coetzee, Prof. Pia Addison, Dr. Roger Price, Dr. Tertia Grove, Mr. Ludzula Mukwevho, Dr. David Nestel, Dr. Marc De Meyer, Dr. Massimiliano Virgilio


This programme covers fruit flies in the Ceratitis genus and Bactrocera dorsalis, which was introduced in the northern areas in 2013 and is still restricted in its distribution in South Africa. The fruit fly research programme covers fruit fly biology and ecology as well as pre-harvest and postharvest control measures. The development, hosts, feeding behaviour, rearing methodology and natural enemies of fruit fly pests are currently being investigated. Research continues on the population dynamics of fruit fly pests in and near fruit production areas. New fruit fly monitoring systems are being evaluated. In South African citrus orchards, protein baits form the core of fruit fly control. The efficacy of these baits in controlling fruit flies have been investigated. In a recent research project, the efficacy of a fruit fly systems approach is being quantified.  Postharvest disinfestation techniques mainly using cold continue to receive attention.