Application Technology in Citrus Course 2023

Sep 14, 2023

Event Summary

In order to farm sustainably, citrus producers need to implement a sound effective crop protection spray strategy that results in the best quality, market-compliant export fruit. The implementation and success of such a strategy on citrus not only rely on the use of the most effective plant protection products, it also relies heavily on the effective application of such products. Inefficient application is often where the shortfall lies. In citrus production, we largely make use of various (specialised) air-assisted sprayers for the application of pesticides, fungicides, growth regulators and foliar feeds. It is thus very important to understand how your spray technology works, what factors influence its function, and in the end, how to set up your spray equipment to obtain the best possible result with your spray strategy. This course will focus on all these aspects and more.


CRI, in collaboration with Marius Ras from RAS CONSULT (Pty) Ltd, will present the first of these courses in the Sundays River Valley for all the Eastern Cape producers, with the aim to roll it out to all the other citrus production areas during 2024.

We would like to invite all the Eastern Cape producers and other role players to join us in what should be another very informative CRI information transfer session with the aim of improving the South African citrus industry.