Research: False Codling Moth

Programme Coordinator:
Dr Sean Moore

Collaborating researchers involved:
Dr Martin Gilbert, Wayne Kirkman (CRI), Prof. Martin Hill (RU)

False codling moth causes losses in the orchard due to fruit drop but is also a phytosanitary pest. Stringent cold sterilisation measures are required for export of citrus to certain markets. Over the years, various means of controlling this pest have been developed including the use of chitin synthesis inhibitors and mating disruptants. More recently, research focus has been on the development of a granulovirus (Cryptogran) and use of the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT). Cryptogran is now being used commercially and sold by River Bioscience. The development of SIT has required research into mass rearing and releasing techniques that will allow for frequent treatment of large areas with sterile moths. SIT is being used commercially in the vicinity of Citrusdal and the Sundays River Valley.