Research: Minor Pests & Mites

Programme Coordinator:
Dr Tim Grout

Collaborating researchers involved:
Dr Sean Moore (CRI), Wayne Kirkman (CRI), Prof. Martin Hill (RU)

Different life stages of the predatory bug
Orius thripoborus

This programme covers research on leafhoppers, woolly whitefly, leafrollers, citrus flower moth, citrus leafminer, fruit piercing moth and all pest mites.

The potential for disrupting the biocontrol of pests and potential pests is investigated in this project. Standard bioassay techniques have been developed for five indicator species: (1) Aphytis coheni; (2) Chilocorus nigritus; (3) Euseius citri or E. addoensis; (4) Trichogrammatoidea cryptophlebiae; (5) Coccidoxenoides perminutus. A database of non-target effects for these natural enemies to most chemicals used in citrus orchards has been developed. New chemicals that are about to be registered for use on citrus are tested against these natural enemies on a contract basis. New strategies to reduce the detrimental effect of ants on natural enemies of key pests are also under investigation.