Research: Fruit Fly

Programme Coordinator:
Dr Aruna Manrakhan

Collaborating researchers involved:
Dr Tim Grout (CRI), Dr Pia Addison (SU), Dr Antoinette Malan (SU), Dr Marelize de Villiers (CRI)

Male Mediterranean fruit fly
Ceratitis capitata

This programme primarily covers the fruit flies of the Ceratitis genus. The M3 bait station is registered for use on all fruit tree crops in South Africa and provides the ultimate means of IPM-compatible fruit fly control but means of reducing its cost are under investigation. Improved apparatus (the Mantis and Ladybird) for applying concentrated protein baits now provide superior control of fruit flies but the availability of the baits themselves is limited so new bait formulations are under investigation. Alternative toxicants to organophosphates for use in fruit fly baits are also being investigated. Post-harvest disinfestation techniques continue to receive attention and a longer treatment at a higher temperature was recently submitted to Japan for approval. The threat of Bactrocera invadens was recently addressed with collaborative research in Benin, Kenya, Uganda and Namibia.

Bactrocera invadens Action Plan - Download